Dedicated to our Farmers!

To our beloved Farmers, we have added a new product to our range of agricultural equipment’s to give you a hand this summer! The new Hardlife Hydraulic Bale Grab is specially designed to grab, move and stack wrapped bales safely and smoothly.

This sturdy attachment, pricing at just £785, can carry even the largest of bales effectively. The grab enables the user to pick up bales from the field and stack them vertically.

Here are some of the best features of the Hardlife Hydraulic Bale Grab:

  • Hydraulic arms perfect for grabbing and stacking
  • Arms are smoothed and rounded to avoid plastic piercing.
  • Operational at any angle within the hydraulic rotation range
  • Can be attached to any front loader
  • Opens to approximately 2000mm
  • Comes with brackets to suit your machine
  • Optional extra check valve and pressure valve (shown in photos)

The optional extra check valve and pressure valve does two things.

Firstly, the check valve will stop any cylinder creep, meaning the grab maintains its grip even over the roughest terrain. Secondly, the pressure valve enables the user to set how hard the grab will grip the bales. If the user grabbing the bales requires a lighter touch to stop damage, then the adjustment can be made.

Sounds like something you need to add to your collection of farm attachments? Call Bucket Warehouse at +44 (0) 1525 851912 to place your order now!


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